15 Jun

Hyderabad is such a nice place to have an exciting weekend trip. A few years back, I got a chance to fly to Hyderabad for an official visit. I work there in the high-tech city, Madhapur. Since I am from Delhi, the first thing I searched for after landing in Hyderabad was tea. 

My eyes were running around for a cup of chai that I finally found labeled as “Irani Chai .'' I got all my paperwork done in just 4 hours now. What's next? My return flight was scheduled 2 days later, so I decided to explore this lovely city of Telangana state. But, roaming alone in the street was not fair, so I decided to avail of Escort services in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad Escorts

 I have spent many wonderful nights with Delhi Escorts and was expecting the same course of pleasure and companionship here as well. In just 30 minutes, I got a stunning female escort. I can say that she would have been among the top Hyderabad escorts. I have a blurred memory though, her name was something, Shaina! She was a local Muslim call girl from Old City - a designated place built around Char Minar.

 She has an irresistible - magnetic charisma but what delighted me the most was her lovely eyes. With naturally puffy breasts and pink lips, she drove me crazy in the first go. Later I enjoyed many wonderful hours in her arms, playing with her curvy figure and igniting the fire that took us to heaven.

A heavenly Experience of coupling that I will never forget

I have always been fascinated with lovemaking and wanted to explore this to open all its dimensions. Right from the first arousal after kissing to the final orgasm after intercourse, I wanted to save it as a memory to enjoy later.

 I must say that she was among the few Muslim escorts in Hyderabad that are worth spending lakhs. A 20-years old diva was now sitting beside me, playing with hair and doing seductive moves. I know due to restrictions at home, she could not have gratified her fantasies so her adolescence is now in full swing. 

Escort services in Hyderabad

Gradually from my lips to my neck and then, she gave me perhaps the most wonderful and long-lasting head ever. I can say that she must have loved lollipops otherwise it is nearly impossible to give a head like this. She popped up the top of my cock and I was like riding in heaven. Meanwhile, I was busy drilling her Puxxy! After 20 minutes of warm-up, she was sweating like hell and the Puxxy was also thirsty so we decided to take a shower. 

It was my first night in Hyderabad and I completely vanquished the thought that I had a return flight too. I was living that moment and preparing to bang in the shower. We were just having fun, she held my pole, pushed me back to the wall, raised her leg, and took it inside. Even today I can feel that I was really hot inside and the sensation still touches my heart. That night I visited heaven almost 8 times and each time was even harder. 

Hyderabad Escort

My lovely Hyderabad escort was riding, screaming, and cumming but I loved the way she grabbed my back and hit me to push deeper inside. It has been almost 3 years since I have been visiting Hyderabad and I meet Shaina whenever I visit. She is now always there to take care of me and my fantasies in the dark of night. 

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